Embrace Jazzercise

What better way to stay fit and lose weight than with music? Jazzercise is a renowned franchise that mixes dance, popular music and fitness to take you to an amazing journey of empowerment and self-transformation. The company was founded in 1969, by professional jazz dancer Judy Sheppard Missett and it has more than 8,300 franchisees all over the world.

There are plenty of classes to choose from at Jazzercise. They are designed by a team of dedicated instructors who are experts in combining music with exercise. They are working hard to make Jazzercise trainings fun, as well as challenging. Depending on the class format, you could burn up to 800 calories per training!

Dance Mixx is a 60-min full body workout, combining cardio and strength training and targeting three major muscle groups: legs, abs and upper body.

Interval: this 60-min high intensity training will melt your fat and torch your calories.

Fusion: combining heart-pumping dance moves and muscle workout will strengthen your core and sculpt your body.

Flip Fusion: consists of heavy muscle pumping sets combined with quick and intense dance moves to boost your cardio.

Core: the name says it all, this class focuses on strengthening your core.

Strike: this dance-based kickboxing class is a great way to kick stress while doing a full body workout.

Strength: you will get stronger and leaner at the same time with these 30-, 45- and 60-minute muscle-sculpting workouts.

Express: perfect for those short on time, this 30-min class will boost your energy and initiate a sustained calorie burn.

Personal Touch: this is a perfect choice for those who like working in smaller, more intimate groups.

Lo: a less intense workout that will boost your mood and give you a total body workout.

Junior Jazzercise: a great way for kids to have fun while learning how to dance and build their strength and agility.

Moreover, their always fresh playlist, featuring a mix of all the latest hits will motivate you too keep going even when you think it’s impossible. It’s a great way to incorporate exercise in your busy schedule, and it will make you more productive and happier!

Another great thing about Jazzercise is the community. Training is more fun when people around you are positive and supportive. At Jazzercise, you will find that the atmosphere is relaxed and inspirational and that instructors are kind and helpful.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a life-changing experience!