How Utah Jazz Came to Bear That Name

When we say Utah Jazz, we aren’t talking about a type of jazz music that comes from the American state of Utah, or even about music at all.

What we are talking about here is the basketball team from Utah. With a devoted fanbase and loyal punters ready to place their trust in their favourite team by betting online and using promo codes like PlayPCF bonus to increase their winnings, the Utah Jazz are a very popular team in the state.

So let’s talk a bit about the team before we go on to explain the origins of their name and its connection to the popular music genre.

A Brief History of Utah Jazz

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Utah Jazz is a professional basketball team that competes in the National Basketball Asociation or NBA. They are a member of the Western Conference, Northern Division in the league and, since 1991, their home court is the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City. In 1974, the team began playing as an expansion team of New Orleans Jazz and subsequently moved to Salt Lake City in 1979.

It took the team 10 seasons to qualify for their first playoff appearance in 1984 and, despite their lack of success in the early years, they haven’t missed the single playoffs until 2004. Two prominent players, John Stockton and Karl Malone, became the franchise players for the team in the late 1980s and created one of the most famous point guard-power forward duos in the history of the NBA.

During the 1990s, the team’s status rose even further, and they even appeared in the two NBA finals in 1997 and 1998. Unfortunately, the team lost both these matches to the Chicago Bulls.

While not having any fierce rivalries, the Utah Jazz does have a geographical rivalry to the Denver Nuggets. Both clubs are situated in the Rocky Mountains and, since 1979, they have been a part of the same division.

Another interesting fact about the team is that they have never lost 60 or more games in a season, making them the only team in the NBA with this record. 

So What About the Name?

On March 7, 1974, the city of New Orleans created their first expansion franchise, making their new team the 18th member of the NBA. That same year, a contest was held to name the new team, with more than 6500 names being submitted. Among those names, there were 8 semi-finalists: Dukes, Pilots, Blues, Knights, Deltas, Cajuns, Crescents, and finally Jazz. 

Being the ‘jazz capital of the world’, it isn’t hard to understand why the city chose the name ‘New Orleans Jazz’ among all the rest. To keep the theme of the city culture, Mardi Gras colours were chosen for the logo, namely gold, purple and green. 

The club had stayed in New Orleans for the next five years before its owner decided to move them to Utah and, despite being far away from the capital of jazz, the team proudly kept jazz in their name.