Top Gambling Songs

The charts will no longer feature these songs, but we all know what joy and solace they provide to a gambling soul. It’s a shame songs about games of chance seldom include the place where one’s luck turned, for better or for worse. This goes double for online casinos. You will not find songs mentioning Cashmio, for example. So, what are the best songs about gambling out there?

Viva Las Vegas, Elvis Presley

There is a reason the King is honoured all over the city of Las Vegas. You can even get married by Elvis impersonators at every corner. This is because Elvis and the city had a strong relationship back in the day. One of his most famous songs is about it, after all. Viva Las Vegas talks about the rush, the life-changing experience, and joie de vivre. So, Viva, Viva Las Vegas!

The Gambler, Kenny Rogers

Arguably, one of the best-known songs about playing cards, The Gambler gives us a series of rules we should follow not only at the card table but in life as well.

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away…

Any decision you make presents a risk and every time you need to assess the situation by comparing your wins and losses. Know when you are beaten and when it’s time to go home if the stakes are too high.

The Winner Takes It All, Abba

Not a song about gambling, per se, The Winner Takes It All talks about the bitter struggle of getting a divorce. The laws regarding this unpleasant experience often favour one party over the other and there is very little room to settle the matter amicably. The phrase is a popular one among the gamblers, meaning that there is no second place and you have to prepare yourself for a showdown. One person gets to walk away with everything, with the other one having nothing but their life in ruins.

Ace of Spades, Motorhead

Gambling is a dangerous activity if you don’t treat it with respect and caution. The lyrics of the song show what it’s all about to the true gambler. It’s not about winning money or trying to bounce back after a losing streak. It is about playing the game itself, for the sake of the game. The result is always that the player eventually loses, but they are aware of that and want to keep going. Bet responsibly.

Desperado, The Eagles

Another cautionary tale, Desperado urges us to quit while we still can. Remember how we said it’s not about winning? Well, the song goes further to tell the player that they are never going to find what they are looking for at the card table. Yes, they will win a few games, but the damage is too extensive and the winnings don’t matter. The life of a gambler is solitary and sad, with few things holding as much meaning to them as the game.